Các loại Tấm Lót Sàn Altro Transflor Meta TFM22
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Các loại Tấm Lót Sàn Altro Transflor Meta TFM22

Altro Transflor Meta

Technical summary

A lightweight, chip-free bus floor with excellent sustained slip resistance engineered for resilience and top performance, with simplicity and practicality.

  • Type of product: Roll, kit, or self-adhesive kit
  • Slip resistance: PTV ≥36
  • Thickness: 2.2mm or 2.7mm
  • Life expectancy:12, 15 years
  • No. of colors:17
  • Weight:
    2.2mm: 4.61lb/yd²
    2.7mm: 5.71lb/yd²

Mã Sản phẩm: Altro Transflor Meta
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Product Information

Altro Transflor Meta is engineered in 2.2mm and 2.7mm thicknesses with resilience, durability and safety in mind.
Rest assured that your passengers are travelling with a 1 in a million chance of suffering a slip with a PTV of ≥36.
Installation is now easier than ever before – not only have we cut the weight, Altro Transflor Meta is available
in a self-adhesive solution and through our cutting service, can be supplied in convenient kits.

Our newly refreshed color palette, designed for a calming interior, is protected by Altro Easyclean technology,
meaning that all our eight hues are protected with improved cleanliness and enhanced colour protection.

Typical Applications

  • Autonomous vehicle
  • City bus
  • Coach
  • Light commuter bus
  • Public service vehicle
  • Shuttle bus
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